Shopping Mall Deep Cleaning

Shopping Mall Deep Clean

About Our Services!

With over 15 years of experience, Selva Group is a reputable provider of thorough cleaning services for retail centers. Window washing, power washing, storefront cleaning, and other cleaning services are just a few of the many that we provide. We offer the best deep cleaning services for retail centers to our customers.

We rapidly and completely clean your mall using cutting-edge tools and procedures. To ensure that you’re receiving the most value for your money, we also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

Look no further than Selva Group if you’re seeking a skilled, trustworthy, and reasonably priced deep cleaning service for a retail center.

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Shopping Centers

To make sure that every square inch of their facilities is spotlessly clean, mall management needs the shopping mall Deep Cleaning Checklist as a vital resource. The retail center’s communal spaces, toilets, food courts, and businesses are all covered by the checklist.

Deep cleaning includes wiping down handrails with a disinfectant solution, washing glass, and removing dust from walls and floors in public spaces like hallways and escalators.

Sanitizing tables and chairs after each use and paying special attention to crumbs between cracks are suitable cleaning techniques for Food Courts or Dining Areas, which are hot places for germs owing to the high likelihood of spillage.

A shopping mall’s restrooms must be cleaned with extreme caution since germs can develop there easily. Mirrors should be cleaned thoroughly twice, each time using a brand-new microfiber cloth, as well as periodic mopping.

Don’t forget to include store places in your deep-cleaning checklist. Store managers may oversee keeping their locations clean daily, but having a complete strategy that includes expert floor polishing & carpet washing may help to ensure cleanliness all year long!

constructing a shopping center in a methodical manner By raising cleanliness standards throughout all areas of the mall, the Deep Cleaning Checklist may aid in creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Why Choose Us to Clean Your Shopping Centre or Mall?

  • No binding agreements: Complete customer pleasure is assured.
  • Cleaning packages at affordable prices are available (see cleaning packages below).
  • Always arrive on time!
  • Constant customer care and assistance.
  • Site audits and regular inspections (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

What is Included in Our Shopping Mall Deep Cleaning?

A retail mall has a lot of moving elements, so comprehensive cleaning goes beyond merely sweeping the floor and putting away the garbage. The top of the ceiling to the base of the walls and everything in between will all be cleaned during a thorough deep clean. This comprises:

All surfaces, including doorknobs, counters, railings, escalators, and lifts, should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All glass surfaces, both inside and out, should be cleaned and polished.

All carpets and upholstered furniture must be vacuumed, and all light fixtures, vents, and other difficult-to-reach spots must be dusted. All garbage cans must be emptied and thoroughly cleaned on the inside and outside.

What are the advantages of deep cleaning a mall?

Utilizing the cutting-edge methods used by Selva Group for deep cleaning commercial malls has several advantages. First and foremost, these methods enable a thorough, all-encompassing cleaning of the retail center, from top to bottom.

The filth, dust, and grime that have accumulated through time will be fully eliminated, and no area will be left uncleaned. Our deep cleaning methods also offer several additional advantages, including:

  • Improving the shopping mall’s overall appearance.
  • Increasing the safety and hygienic conditions for both staff and patrons.
  • Extending the lifespan of the shopping mall’s finishes and fixtures; and
  • Reducing the time and expense needed for subsequent cleanings.

Services for Cleaning shopping malls in the UAE

Deep cleaning a mall is no easy task; it calls for a specialized staff with the necessary tools and knowledge. With several shopping malls of various sizes successfully cleaned by our staff, Selva Group offers some of the top shopping mall cleaning services in the UAE.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services for malls, all of which are tailored to the unique requirements of your mall. We provide everything you need to keep your retail center looking its best, from routine cleaning and maintenance to deep cleaning and specialized services.

Daily Cleaning:

To keep your retail center looking its best, our staff can offer daily cleaning and maintenance services. We’ll dust surfaces, hoover carpets, clean floors, and empty garbage cans. We may also clean the common areas, windows, and restrooms.

Deep Cleans:

A deep clean is a complete, top-to-bottom cleaning of your retail center. Every nook and corner will be thoroughly cleaned, and every surface will be spotless. This kind of cleaning is perfect for malls that are beginning to appear a little worn out or that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned in a while.

Specialized Cleaning Services:

For malls with requirements, we can provide specialized cleaning services in addition to our normal cleaning services. These include post-construction cleans, cleaning for fire code compliance, and cleaning for events.

These are just a handful of the cleaning services for retail centers that we provide. To keep your mall looking its best, our staff can evaluate your demands and offer a solution that is specially made for you.

The Process of Deep Cleaning a shopping mall in Steps

  • Our team of skilled and seasoned cleaners will first visit your mall to determine your cleaning requirements. Considering the size and style of the mall as well as any locations that may need additional attention, they will discuss with you the best strategy for deep cleaning.
  • Once a strategy is in place, our cleaners will start to work utilizing Selva Group’s cutting-edge deep cleaning procedures. To remove any filth, dust, or grime from all surfaces, we utilize high-powered vacuums, steam cleaning, and pressure washing. We also provide an optional ozone treatment, which may destroy bacteria and viruses on contact and add an extra layer of security for both customers and employees.
  • Following the thorough cleaning, our team will do one more walk-through with you to make sure you are satisfied with the results. We want you to have the assurance that everyone who comes to your mall is secure and well-kept.
  • Finally, we will give you a thorough report outlining what has been accomplished as well as any additional suggestions for keeping a clean and healthy workplace moving forward.

Why is Selva Group the best option for deep cleaning retail malls?

The Selva Group is the ideal option for deep cleaning shopping malls since we use cutting-edge deep cleaning methods that are intended to thoroughly clean your mall. You can always get the thorough cleaning you want since our deep cleaning services are offered every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Additionally, to guarantee that your retail center is fully clean, our team of highly qualified and experienced workers uses only the newest and most cutting-edge technology. You may be sure that Selva Group will make your retail center appear its best.

Shopping Centre Deep Cleaning Step-by-Step Guide by Selva Group

First and foremost, it’s critical to comprehend that Selva Group’s method for thoroughly cleaning retail centers is distinct. Our staff uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to thoroughly clean every nook and corner of your house rather than only relying on conventional cleaning techniques. You can be confident that your property is being cleaned in a way that is safe for the environment since we also use eco-friendly procedures and materials wherever we can.

How does our procedure operate? 

  • We get started by thoroughly evaluating your property. This enables us to create a personalized action plan that will consider all your unique demands.
  • Once we have a plan in place, our staff will start the cleaning process utilizing our cutting-edge tools and solutions.
  • We’ll make sure to pay great attention to all the nooks and crannies of your property during the cleaning process; no detail will be missed.
  • We’ll do a final walkthrough with you when we’re done cleaning to make sure you’re happy with the results.

At Selva Group, we take pleasure in offering the best deep cleaning services to our customers. Contact us right away if you have any questions about how we can assist with the cleaning of your retail center; we look forward to hearing from you.

Green Cleaning Methods and Solutions

Numerous companies are searching for methods to run in a more sustainable manner as people throughout the world grow more ecologically aware. With our eco-friendly cleaning products and methods, Selva Group is setting the standard for environmentally friendly thorough cleaning.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are created with efficiency in mind. We only use top-notch, biodegradable materials that won’t harm the environment or your clients. To make your retail centre appear at its best, our team of specialized cleaners is trained to employ the most recent green cleaning methods.

We are aware that each retail center is different and has difficulties. For this reason, we provide a customized strategy for each thorough cleaning we perform. Together, we’ll determine your unique demands and design a cleaning schedule that perfectly satisfies them.

Selva Group is the ideal partner if you’re seeking a long-lasting answer to your shopping mall’s deep cleaning problem.

Safety Procedures Used During Deep Cleaning of shopping malls.

The Selva Group uses cutting-edge methods and tools for shopping center deep cleanings to guarantee a complete cleaning that satisfies all safety requirements. Our team of qualified experts employs only the highest-quality goods and the most up-to-date safety practices to get excellent outcomes.

Among the safety precautions our crew takes when thoroughly cleaning a mall are:

  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, masks, and aprons; • Health and safety evaluations before work begins.
  • Distancing cleaning zones from the rest of the shopping center.
  • Complete ventilation of spaces after cleaning.
  • Consistent hand- and equipment-sanitization.

Quality Assurance Procedures carried out by Selva Group

The Selva Group is dedicated to giving its clients the best possible purchasing experience. We have put in place several quality control procedures to guarantee that their malls are always pristine and pleasant.

First and foremost, all deep cleaning jobs are completed by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable cleaning specialists that work for the Selva Group. They take care to thoroughly clean every nook and corner of the retail mall using the most up-to-date tools and methods.

Additionally, we have a rigorous quality control procedure in place. A management team member will conduct a thorough inspection following each deep cleaning session to ensure that everything has been cleaned to an acceptable quality. Any problems will be fixed as away if they are discovered.

The Selva Group often conducts client satisfaction studies. This enables us to get feedback from customers about their mall experience and spot any areas that might want improvement.

Advice for Keeping a Clean Environment in a shopping mallD

There are a few things you can do to keep the surroundings clean if you oversee maintaining a retail mall. First and foremost, arrange for recurring thorough cleaning sessions with a cleaning service. Maintain everyday duties including sweeping and mopping floors, emptying garbage bins, and cleaning restrooms in between these professional cleanings.

A clean mall atmosphere must also be maintained by making some operational modifications in addition to physical cleaning. For instance, display notices requesting that customers avoid eating or drinking in public spaces. Encourage shops to maintain clutter-free, tidy storefronts. Finally, ensure that your janitorial team has received the necessary training in effective cleaning methods. You may guarantee that your retail center is constantly spotless and appealing to shoppers by paying attention to these suggestions.

In addition to being committed to the security and happiness of our customers, we also place a high value on efficiency and sustainability in our already stressed environment. Customers know that when visiting a Selva Group mall, hygiene is always prioritized. This includes using eco-friendly cleaning products and intelligent robotic helpers that can clean up in a fraction of the time it takes people.