Curtain Deep Cleaning

Curtain Deep Clean

About Our Curtain Deep Clean Service!

The leading curtain cleaning companies in the UAE are Selva Group. We have established ourselves as the curtain cleaning company of choice in the UAE by putting an emphasis on quality and client happiness.

Your curtains will be properly cleaned and free of any dirt, dust, or stains thanks to the use of the most up-to-date methods and tools by our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning are just a few of the many cleaning services we provide.

We can customize a plan to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a one-time thorough clean or a monthly maintenance routine. Request a free estimate or find out more about our curtain cleaning services by getting in touch with us right now.

What are Deep Cleaning Curtains?

Deep cleaning drapes involves utilizing specialized tools and cleaning agents to go into every crevice of your drapery. To get rid of any accumulation of dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens that might be problematic for those with allergies or asthma, this kind of cleaning is advised at least once a year. Any mound or mildew that may be on your curtains may also be removed with deep washing.

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Curtains

It’s vital to keep in mind that different types of curtains call for various cleaning techniques before we get into the checklist for thorough cleaning curtains. Always read the curtain’s care label before using any cleaning methods.

Using a handheld vacuum or a brush attachment on your normal vacuum, remove any dust or dirt from the curtains as the first step in thoroughly cleaning them. Ensure that you collect the curtain’s whole surface, including the folds and pleats.

Next, use a light fabric cleanser that is appropriate for your curtains to spot-clean any stains. Make sure to test the cleaner in a hidden location first to make sure it won’t harm or discolor anything.

If your curtains can be machine washed, wash and dry them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Consider using a professional upholstery cleaner that specializes in drapery cleaning for non-washable drapes.

Keep in mind the hardware! Before rehanging your freshly cleaned drapes, dust and clean any rods, hooks, and brackets.

Rehang your lovely curtains after everything is clean and dry to enjoy their newfound freshness! You can keep your curtains looking beautiful all year long by using this checklist for deep cleaning them about every few months.

Our Services for Cleaning Curtains

Your curtains will be cleaned with extreme care. With the services we offer, we strive to totally meet your needs. You can count on us to provide affordable, expert curtain cleaning services.

In a modern curtain laundry facility, curtains are cleaned under the supervision of a knowledgeable laundry man. Curtains are picked up and delivered back to the buyer after treatment.

Limitation: This service does not include in-home cleaning services.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning service offered by Curtain offers customers extensive and deep cleaning options. We use industrial equipment to completely clean the curtain, press it at the right temperature, steam it once more, and finally present it to the customer on a hanger. However, this service is not provided for on-site cleaning services owing to the requirement for strong equipment.

Cleaning Curtains

The target market for the curtain-washing price service is consumers searching for a very inexpensive solution to keep their curtains clean on their own. We provide thorough cleaning services at our facility and deliver curtains to customers using industrial cleaning equipment.

The best prospects for service are clients who can independently request steam and pressing operations or whose curtains don’t require pressing.

Limitation: This service does not include in-home cleaning services.

  • Steaming or pressing are not included in the service.

Ironing Curtains

If you have previously cleaned your curtain, all that is left to do is iron it. Our facilities can handle little to large size curtains, regardless of whether the order is for home curtain ironing or hotel laundry pressing.

Limitation: This service does not include in-home cleaning services.

Curtain Steaming

The pickiest customers are those who utilize our hotel laundry services and home customers for curtain steaming. The steaming procedure used by our specialist removes 99% of germs, bacteria, and fungus from the curtains, leaving them pressed and sanitary. Additionally, both laundry and in-home curtain services are available via this service.

Changing The Curtains

We want to provide our customers with one-stop shopping. A curtain alteration service provides a solution for replacing curtain trim or changing the length or breadth of the curtains. The service is available to both residential and business users.

Limitation: This product does not offer in-home service.

Putting Up Curtains

To fulfil the demands of our clients, we provide curtain installation & takedown services as needed at the most competitive prices. The service is available to both residential and business customers.

Curtain Services at Home

In your house, we can also provide curtain steam pressing services, but we don’t recommend on-site or in-home thorough cleaning services.

Scope of the Service

Upholstery cleaning, initial cleanup, deep cleaning, sparkle clean, carpet supply and installation, containment area cleaning, carpet cleaning, dust removal, wet cleaning, residential, commercial, and industry-specific cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtains, mattresses, rugs, and sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and fabric sofa & chair cleaning.

Benefits of Opting for Professional Curtains Deep Cleaning Services?

Choosing expert curtain deep cleaning services for your curtains has several advantages. It will save you time and effort, which is possibly the most obvious advantage. Your delicate materials would get damaged if you attempted to clean your curtains by yourself, which would probably take several hours and a lot of labor.

The professional curtain cleaning business you employ will have the tools and know-how to restore your curtains to a new condition. Additionally, they will be able to clean difficult-to-reach places like skirting boards or the tops of windows. Professional cleaners also frequently utilize environmentally friendly materials, which are healthier for the environment and your health.

The Unique and Specialized Cleaning Techniques of Selva Group

Selva Group, one of the top companies offering deep cleaning services for curtains, has a staff of highly qualified and experienced specialists who utilize the most up-to-date tools and cleaning techniques to restore the new-looking appearance of your drapes.

A few of the distinctive and specialized techniques used by Selva Group are.

  • A hot water extraction system that completely removes all dirt, dust, and stains from your curtains without fading or causing damage.
  • A dry-cleaning technique that uses no water at all, leaving your curtains dry and ready to hang right away after cleaning.
  • A specialized curtain sanitization procedure that leaves your curtains clean and safe for you and your family by getting rid of all bacteria, germs, and allergies.
  • Use environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning agents and detergents that won’t harm your curtains or the environment.

At Selva Group, we work hard to give you a superior thorough cleaning service for your curtains, so they once again seem brand new. We promise to always do a good job!

Deep Curtain Cleaning Services by Selva Group: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping your curtains at their best requires regular deep cleaning. Although you can clean them yourself, it’s preferable to let the experts do this job. The Selva Group steps in at this point. We are the top provider of thorough curtain cleaning services, and we are available to assist you in completing the task successfully.

An outline of our thorough curtain cleaning procedures is provided below:

  • Arrange a free consultation with a member of our team. Once you opt to employ our services, we’ll plan a day and time for our staff to come out and clean your curtains. We’ll come to your home or business to analyze your needs and give you a price.
  • Our staff will show up on time the day of the cleaning and begin to work straight away. Your curtains will be carefully cleaned by us, with particular focus being placed on any very soiled or discolored areas.
  • We’ll check your curtains when we’re done to make sure they look their best. If you are satisfied with the outcome, we will pack up and go. If not, we’ll cooperate with you to fix the situation.

How to Choose the Best Curtain Cleaning Company?

There are a few things you should keep in mind while searching for a reputable curtain-cleaning business. Here is a thorough guide on picking the top deep-cleaning companies for curtains:

Before making a final choice, you should always look at the company’s web reviews in the first place. This can help you determine whether their services are worth your money and how good they are.

To evaluate costs before deciding, always request a free quote from the business.

Thirdly, confirm that the business you select provides a warranty on its work. If something goes wrong during the cleaning procedure, this will guarantee that you are protected.

Always be sure to contact friends and relatives who have already utilized curtain cleaning services for suggestions. These people can provide you with first-hand stories of their interactions with various businesses, enabling you to make an educated choice.

Popular Curtains Cleaning Services Offered by Selva Group

We provide a variety of well-known curtain cleaning services that are sure to satisfy your demands and go above and beyond your expectations.

The Selva Group’s most popular curtain-cleaning services include the following:

Dry Cleaning:

If you want your curtains to look their best but lack the time or energy to hand wash them, dry cleaning is a perfect alternative. Your curtains will appear fresh and clean after using our gentle and efficient dry-cleaning services.

Steam Cleaning:

Those who wish to get rid of stubborn stains from their curtains might consider steam cleaning. The steam cleaning services provided by Selva Group employ strong yet delicate cleansers to completely remove stubborn stains from your curtains.

Spot Cleaning:

If you have a few little stains or spots on your curtains that you’d like to get rid of, this is a perfect alternative. Your curtains will appear brand new after using our quick and simple spot-cleaning services.

Fabric Protection:

To assist shield your curtains from stains and grime, we also provide fabric protection services. This is fantastic if you want your curtains to look their best for a longer amount of time.


You may count on Selva Group for assistance if your curtains are torn or otherwise damaged. We provide high-quality repairs that can assist your curtains to go back to how they were.

Reasons Why You Should Get Curtains Deep Cleaned by Selva Group

You need to go no farther than Selva Group if you’re seeking a trustworthy and qualified service to thoroughly clean your curtains. We provide a thorough curtain cleaning service that will restore your curtains’ original appearance and scent. Here are just a few reasons why you ought to pick us to thoroughly clean your curtains:

  • Dust, grime, and other allergens that might aggravate pre-existing allergies and cause respiratory issues can be found in curtains. These dangerous elements will be removed through a thorough cleaning by a professional curtain cleaning service, which will also enhance indoor air quality.
  • Mold and mildew can grow on curtains, which can result in musty smells and discoloration. Regular cleaning can help prevent the formation of mold and mildew and keep your curtains looking clean and new.
  • Deep cleaning your curtains will also increase their lifespan in addition to enhancing air quality and reducing mold growth. Abrasives, dirt, and dust may cause the fabric to deteriorate more quickly than it otherwise would. Your investment will be safeguarded, and your curtains will last longer with regular cleaning.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable curtain deep cleaners can safely and effectively clean your curtains. Your curtains won’t be harmed throughout the cleaning process since they will use the correct detergents and cleaning methods for the fabric you have.
  • Selva Group offers an economical, convenient deep cleaning service of the highest caliber. To give your curtains, the greatest cleanliness possible without endangering them in any way, our skilled specialists will utilize the most recent technology.

Various Curtain Fabric Types and Care Instructions

There are a few things you should keep in mind when searching for curtains for your house. The kind of cloth used to make the curtains is one crucial consideration. It’s crucial to pick a fabric that is simple to keep and care for because different textiles call for different kinds of maintenance.


Polyester is the most typical material used for curtains. Polyester is a synthetic material that resists wrinkles and is simple to maintain. For homes with hectic schedules, it is a low-maintenance alternative because it can be machine cleaned and dried. Polyester, however, is not as long-lasting as some other materials and may deteriorate with time.


Another common material for curtains is linen. It is a natural fiber that is smooth and soft to the touch, making it wonderfully cozy to hold. Although linen curtains may be machined or dry cleaned, they must be ironed after washing to restore their natural form. When picking the size of your curtains, it is vital to keep in mind that linen curtains may somewhat contract when wet.


Silk is a pricey material that has a lovely luster and is soft to the touch. Only dry cleaning should be used on silk curtains to protect their fragile fibers. They are also among the priciest curtain fabrics available.


Fabrics that may be utilized in both informal and formal contexts include cotton, which is a flexible material. Cotton curtains can be machine cleaned, dried, and may still require ironing to achieve the desired appearance. Additionally, cotton is quite resilient and might outlast other curtain materials.


Velvet is a rich, opulent fabric that can give any space a sense of elegance. It can frequently be spot cleaned with a moist cloth, making cleaning it simply as well. Velvet curtains, however, need to be handled with more care than some other fabrics since they are easily crushed and damaged.

How much time you are prepared to spend caring for your curtains is one of the most crucial factors you should consider when selecting their material. While silk and velvet require more specific care to maintain their finest appearance, polyester, linen, and cotton just need minimum upkeep.