Commercial Deep Cleaning

Commercial Deep Clean

Overview of Our Service!

In the UAE, The Selva Group is a well-known supplier of industrial deep cleaning services. With more than 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge and tools necessary to provide companies of all sizes with professional deep cleaning services.

Each client’s unique demands are considered while designing our commercial deep cleaning services. We provide a wide variety of services, ranging from one-time deep cleanings to continuing maintenance plans. The most up-to-date tools and methods are used by our team of qualified and experienced experts to produce excellent outcomes.

Because we are aware that every organization is unique, we provide personalized solutions that are suited to your requirements. We can design a solution that satisfies your needs, whether you need a one-time thorough clean or an ongoing maintenance program.

The Selva Group is your best option if you’re looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable supplier of commercial deep cleaning services.

Checklist for Commercial Deep Cleaning

It’s essential to use a commercial deep cleaning checklist to make sure that no section of your office building is left unclean. Finding the places that need extensive cleaning, such as the floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture, is the first step. Create a timetable for when each location will be cleaned after these areas have been identified.

Prior to using the proper cleansers to deep clean the floors, carpets and other surfaces should be vacuumed or swept. Cleaning may need to be done more often in high-traffic areas.

Any business deep cleaning technique should include washing the walls as well. Cleaning and dusting them might assist in removing dirt accumulation from normal wear and use.

Ceilings are frequently forgotten while performing routine surface cleanings, but over time they may accumulate dust and cobwebs, making them a crucial item on any business deep clean checklist.

The furnishings shouldn’t be overlooked! While hardwood tables or desks require maintenance by washing off with wood-safe cleanser so they do not retain moisture which might lead to warping or damage over time, upholstered chairs should be vacuumed, or steam cleaned.

Deep Cleaning Company for Businesses

Using a qualified deep cleaning firm for your commercial property has several advantages. The work will be done correctly, and your area will be left clean and free of filth, dust, and debris, so that is the first thing you can be sure of. Second, thorough cleaning may aid in enhancing the air quality of your office or workspace, which is crucial for the health and well-being of your staff. By eliminating accumulated filth and grime, professional deep cleaning may also assist to increase the lifespan of your carpets, floors, and furniture.

Commercial Deep Clean Services We Provide

For our clients, Selva Group provides a range of commercial deep cleaning services. These services are intended to maintain the highest levels of sanitation while keeping your commercial space neat and orderly.

Selva Group provides a variety of business deep cleaning services, including:

Regular Deep Cleans:

Depending on your needs, they are done either weekly or monthly. They cover all the components of a typical deep clean in addition to extra spaces like carpets and upholstery.

One-time thorough Cleans:

As the name implies, they are perfect for companies who just need a one-time thorough clean sometimes, such as after remodeling or before an occasion.

Customized Deep Cleans:

Selva Group may create a package to meet your demands if you have certain specifications for your deep clean. This can entail customized cleaning for delicate regions or for filth and grime.

Eco-Friendly Deep Cleans:

If you’re searching for a deep clean that is safe and effective for the environment, Selva Group can provide you with eco-friendly materials and techniques.

Disinfectant cleaning:

This kind of thorough cleaning emphasizes disinfecting surfaces to lower the chance of bacteria and germs spreading throughout your office space. Using specialized cleaning products, such as those that include alcohol, bleach, and other sanitizers, is also covered here.

How Should You Get Ready for a Commercial Deep Clean on Your Property?

A commercial deep clean is a complete, top-to-bottom cleaning of your property. To ensure that the procedure goes well and that all areas are thoroughly cleaned, it is crucial to prepare your property for a business deep clean.

Here are some pointers for getting your property ready for a professional thorough cleaning:

Clear out any clutter:

Eliminate any clutter by taking everything out of the cleaning area that is not required. This includes extra furniture or decorations as well as personal stuff. The cleaners will find it simpler to maneuver and carefully clean every surface as a result.

Dust and vacuum:

Before the cleaners show up, thoroughly dust all surfaces, and hoover all carpets and upholstery. This will enable them to concentrate on more thorough cleaning jobs rather than having to redo previously cleaned areas.

Move delicate things:

It is preferable to move any fragile items, such as vases or figurines, out of the way before cleaning the area where they are located. By doing this, they won’t unintentionally break while being cleaned.


Select the areas of deep cleaning that you want the cleaners to pay particular attention to. They will be better able to manage their time and ensure that all your criteria are satisfied as a result.

Get the cleaners ready:

Before the cleaning process starts, make sure to provide the cleaners with any special instructions or knowledge that they might require. Information about allergies, pet hair, or any other areas of concern may be included in this.

Our Commercial Deep Cleaning Service procedure

A commercial deep cleaning service is a specialized cleaning solution that assists companies in maintaining a spotless, debris-free workplace. The following steps are often included in the process of a commercial deep cleaning service:

Initial Evaluation

The Selva Group team will examine your office space to identify the areas that require the greatest care before beginning the thorough cleaning procedure. This evaluation will enable us to develop a tailored cleaning strategy that satisfies your requirements.

Sanitizing Each Surface

Our staff will begin cleaning all surfaces, including the floors, walls, ceilings, windows, and doors as soon as the evaluation is over. To ensure they are fully cleaned, we will pay extra attention to high-touch areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Shampooing and vacuuming

To get rid of any dust and grime that may be lodged in the fabric of the furniture, we will hoover all the carpets and upholstered surfaces. All the carpets will also be shampooed so they look clean and new.

Sweeping And Shining

All surfaces, such as baseboards, blinds, light fixtures, and ceiling fans, will be dusted. All hard surface floors will also be polished to a sheen.

Final Examination

Our crew will perform a final check to make sure everything is clean and in its appropriate position once we have finished the thorough cleaning procedure.

Assurance of Quality and Standards Then came to Selva Group.

Standards and quality control are extremely important to Selva Group. We adhere to a strict quality control approach to make sure all our business deep cleaning services are up to par. To make sure our cleaning services uphold our high standards, we frequently monitor and audit them.

Additionally, we have a group of committed quality control specialists that do routine inspections to find any areas that might want improvement. Additionally, we have a strong commitment to enhancing our cleaning services and a robust program for research and development in place to make sure we are constantly at the forefront of business-related advancements.

Uses for Commercial Deep Cleaning Services in the Workplace

In business environments including office buildings, retail establishments, and dining establishments, deep cleaning is frequently necessary. All surfaces may be cleaned thoroughly by a professional deep cleaning service, leaving your establishment appearing tidy and well-maintained.

Hiring a reputable deep cleaning service for your company has several advantages. A thorough cleaning may improve the quality of the air within a building by removing pollutants and contaminants. By eliminating accumulated filth and grime that might harm your carpet and furniture over time, deep cleaning can also increase their lifespan.

By avoiding the need for more regular, less thorough cleaning, a professional deep cleaning service may also save you time and money in the long term. You can maintain your company’s finest appearance for years to come by making an investment in a deep clean right now.

Intensive Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Several issues might arise if your commercial kitchen is not cleaned correctly. Your clients may become ill, your machinery could malfunction, and your company could be forced to close. A thorough cleaning by Selva Group will help you avoid these issues and maintain a functional kitchen.

At least once a year, you should perform a deep clean in your commercial kitchen. Your kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned from floor to ceiling by our team of skilled cleaners. Additionally, they will sanitize every surface, including sinks, cutting boards, appliances, and counters. By doing this, you can help guarantee that your kitchen is clear of pollutants and microorganisms.

Although deep cleaning might be difficult, our cleaners are up for the task. We have the expertise and understanding required to complete the task successfully.

Why Should Commercial Establishments Invest in Deep Cleaning on a Regular Basis?

Commercial facilities should frequently spend money on deep cleaning services for a variety of reasons. Deep cleaning, first and foremost, may assist maintain the area tidy and clear of debris, dust, and other toxins. This is crucial for the well-being of both consumers and staff. Deep cleaning can also aid in limiting the spread of illnesses and infections.

Commercial deep cleaning services are crucial also since they may enhance a company’s external look. First impressions matter, and people are more inclined to visit a tidy, well-kept establishment than one that appears unkempt or unclean. Additionally, by eliminating accumulated filth and grime, routine thorough cleanings may help lengthen the life of floors and other surfaces.

Finally, spending money on professional deep cleaning services may help businesses save money over time. The necessity for future, more expensive repairs or replacements can be avoided with routine cleanings. In conclusion, there are a lot of compelling reasons why all business buildings should be sure to regularly invest in high-quality deep cleaning services!

How Frequently Must You Use Commercial Deep Cleaning?

It’s crucial to maintain a spotless office environment. However, there will always be those nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach and clean, no matter how hard you try to keep up with the cleaning. Commercial thorough cleaning is helpful in this situation.

But how frequently should you choose professional deep cleaning? Here’s a little explanation:

If your company has a tiny location and little foot traffic, once or twice a year should be sufficient.

Every three to six months, deep cleaning should be sufficient for medium-sized areas with moderate foot traffic.

Additionally, to keep a big area sanitized and safe for everyone, commercial deep cleaning is required every month or two for areas with considerable foot traffic.

The Selva Group can offer you expert commercial deep cleaning services that will leave your facility spotless from top to bottom, regardless of the size or type of business you operate.

Our business deep cleaning services offer a thorough and expert response to any deep cleaning requirements. You may have total peace of mind knowing that your property will look its very best thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our staff, which regularly produce outstanding results.