School Deep Cleaning

School Deep Clean

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You want your child to be secure at school as a parent. However, it might be challenging to maintain a germ-free atmosphere when there are several children present. The Selva Group steps in at this point. We provide expert school deep cleaning services that increase student safety by halting the spread of pathogens.

Every crevice of your school will be meticulously cleaned by our team of seasoned cleaners, who will pay particular attention to high-touch areas including doorknobs, desks, and restrooms. To guarantee a complete cleaning, we adhere to CDC requirements and utilize hospital-grade disinfectants.

In addition to basic maintenance services like floor cleaning and garbage disposal, Selva Group also provides thorough cleaning services. For the needs and financial situation of your school, we can tailor a strategy.

Checklist for School Deep Cleaning Services

There are several areas that need additional care when it comes to deep cleaning a school. A comprehensive checklist may assist in making sure that no area is overlooked and that all surfaces have been adequately sanitized.

Classrooms should be first on the list. To get rid of bacteria and viruses, disinfectants must be wiped down on desks, chairs, and other furniture. Additionally, you should scrub the floors and walls thoroughly.

Restrooms should be the next stop as they are known for harboring germs. Prior to disinfection, all fixtures (toilets, sinks, and faucets) must be thoroughly cleaned using powerful cleansers.

During the intensive cleaning procedure, hallways and communal areas like cafeterias and gyms will also require extra attention. Floors need to be thoroughly swept or vacuumed, then mopped using specialized cleaning agents.

The last item on our checklist is air ventilation systems, which are frequently forgotten during normal cleaning procedures but are essential for preserving good indoor air quality in schools.

The knowledgeable crew at Selva Group is aware of the value of thorough deep cleaning for educational institutions. Put your trust in them to prepare your school for reopening!

Tiles, flooring, sinks, toilets, and bathroom faucets should all be cleaned and disinfected, as part of our specialty school cleaning services.

  • It is important to thoroughly clean and sanitize all of the appliances and surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Keeping furniture including desks, chairs, couches, cupboards, and racks dust-free.
  • Vacuuming and floor cleaning
  • thorough cleaning of the offices, classrooms, and labs
  • The ceiling fans and HVAC system need to be cleaned.
  • Cleaning of interior and outdoor window treatments, blinds, curtains, doors, doorknobs, decorative objects, and office supplies

You may also engage members of our team to get more school cleaning services in your neighborhood. Please be sure to clarify your services while making appointments for the best outcomes.

Why Pick Us?

  • Years of expertise in offering dependable school cleaning services
  • Professionally trained maids for services providing school cleaning.
  • Use specialized tools and equipment.
  • Use EPA-approved cleaning products that are customized.
  • 365-day flexible cleaning options
  • Offer reasonable rates for cleaning services at the school.
  • Ensure 100 percent success to earn your pleasure.
  • Contact us to reserve our very reasonable school cleaning services!

Why do we require a specialized cleaning company in Dubai to maintain our schools?

It’s back-to-school season in Dubai. The school’s classrooms and corridors will soon be filled with the incessant chatter and laughter of youngsters. As a result, there will be a lot of cleaning to be done. Children spend up to 6-7 hours a day in school, thus it is imperative that it and its environment are constantly kept tidy. 

Professional cleaning companies are increasingly cleaning schools. Here are a few reasons to hire cleaning professionals to clean schools:


Both students and teachers spend most of their time in the classroom. Therefore, the classroom must be tidy, sanitary, and germ-free. The desk and chairs must be cleaned and disinfected properly on a regular basis. If classrooms are not cleaned thoroughly, germs will swiftly spread and infect kids.  By using top-notch cleaning solutions to clean and disinfect the classroom, professional cleaning services guarantee the greatest degree of hygiene.


The lavatory is one area that becomes dirty rapidly. If they aren’t cleaned often, the restrooms might become filthy rather frequently and smell unpleasant. As a result, it is essential to properly clean, disinfect, and deodorize bathrooms. This needs dedicated employees who can clean the area twice or three times daily. 


The typical sources of cafeteria dirt include food spills, water, and other waste. It might not be practicable for one staff person to sanitize and clean the entire school cafeteria because they are often rather large. If a reputable cleaning service is chosen, the area will remain neat and clean all day.

Advantages Of Expert School Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean, germ-free school is one of the greatest methods to guarantee student safety. A specialized school cleaning service can do a thorough cleaning of your school, removing all filth, dust, and grime. Your workers and pupils will be in a healthy atmosphere as a result of this. A reputable school cleaning service may also disinfect surfaces and get rid of any virus or bacteria that may be hazardous. This will aid in limiting the spread of disease throughout your school’s student body.

Preparing for a Deep Cleaning Service

A well-maintained classroom is essential to a successful learning environment, as any excellent teacher is aware. Selva Group provides expert deep cleaning services tailored especially for schools as a result. Together with you, our qualified staff will create a special cleaning schedule that is tailored to the demands of your institution.

 Maintaining your school’s cleanliness and safety for students, staff, and visitors requires regular deep cleaning. A deep clean is a comprehensive cleaning that gets into every crevice and surface to get rid of filth, dust, and debris that ordinary cleaning might leave behind. The thorough cleaning services offered by Selva Group are intended to make sure that every inch of your school is spotless.

Deep cleaning can be a difficult task, but Selva Group’s team of experts has the knowledge and skills to complete it swiftly and effectively. We make a concerted effort to finish our job with the least possible interference to your schedule since we recognize how important it is to limit disturbances to your school day.

Please take some time to remove anything that could prevent our ability to clean properly before we arrive for our deep cleaning service. This entails clearing personal belongings off surfaces and the ground, as well as relocating any large furniture or other objects that can obstruct our access to spaces. We will handle the rest once we get there!

The Process of School Deep Cleaning Services

School thorough cleaning is a straightforward but efficient technique. First, all surfaces in the school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, with a focus on high-touch locations like desks, doorknobs, and drinking fountains. We will then hoover all carpets and upholstered furniture to get rid of any dust or debris that can cause breathing issues. All hard floors will be mopped to get rid of any leftover germs or viruses.

What Is Involved in a Professional School Deep Clean?

The Selva Group’s expert school deep cleaning includes sanitizing restrooms, mopping floors, and disinfecting all surfaces. We’ll also dust furniture, hoover floors, and clean windows.

All sorts of institutions, from small private schools to huge public universities, have been cleaned by our crew before. We will customize our services to match your demands because we are aware of the special requirements that each type of institution has.

Important Instructions for Schools Prior to, During, and Following Reopening

Create a strategy for preserving a pristine and secure learning environment before restarting your school. With a thorough cleaning of your school’s facilities, Selva Group’s skilled school deep cleaning services will help you maximize student safety. Here are some crucial rules to adhere to before, during, and after your school is reopened:

Create a plan for cleaning and disinfecting. Make sure to incorporate cleaning procedures, community spaces, and high-touch surface solutions.

  • Use adequate hand-washing techniques. All members of the faculty and staff should frequently wash their hands and, in the event that soap, and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Improve the airflow. The key to limiting the transmission of airborne viruses is proper ventilation. Open windows and doors if you can let more fresh air in.
  • Tell absent or ill students and employees to stay at home. Until they are healthy enough to go back to school, anyone who is feeling under the weather should stay at home.
  • Conduct routine sanitation and cleaning. Be careful to periodically clean and disinfect high-touch areas like doorknobs, counters, and workstations in addition to your usual cleaning routine.

School Deep Cleaning Professional Packages from Selva Group

Making ensuring that your school is spotless and secure for children as the new school year gets underway is more crucial than ever. By delivering a thorough cleaning of your school, the expert school deep cleaning services from Selva Group can help you maximize student safety. We will thoroughly clean every area of your school, including the classrooms, restrooms, and cafeteria, thanks to the expertise and certification of our cleaners. To suit your requirements and price range, we also provide a range of packages. Selva Group can assist you with keeping your school clean and secure for children, whether you require a one-time deep cleaning or ongoing service.

Qualified and Experienced Professionals at Selva Group

Selva Group approaches student safety in a knowledgeable and professional manner. The best deep cleaning services for schools are offered by our team of specialists with training and expertise. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in creating a secure and healthy environment for their pupils and have a wealth of knowledge in school cleaning. We provide a range of services that may be altered to satisfy the requirements of our customers. In order to give our customers, the best service possible, we recognize how critical it is to create a secure and healthy learning environment for kids.

Challenges Schools Currently Face about Cleanliness

When it comes to cleaning, schools encounter a variety of difficulties. Dealing with the daily messes that pupils make is the most frequent problem. Any school may find this challenging, but schools without a dedicated cleaning crew may find it extremely challenging. Dealing with ill pupils and staff presents another difficulty for schools. This might be a serious issue since it could allow illnesses to spread across the school. Additionally, large messes that are occasionally made by things like science experiments or art projects must be cleaned up by schools. These messes may be quite challenging to clean up and frequently call for specialized tools and supplies.

How Can Student Safety Be Increased During Uncertain Times?

The safety of your pupils is always your first responsibility as a school administrator. However, you might need to go above and above to protect your pupils in tumultuous situations, like the start of a pandemic. Hiring a reputable school deep cleaning service is one method to do this.

You can guarantee that your school is clean and sanitized by using a professional school deep cleaning service. All surfaces in your school, including those in the classrooms, toilets, locker rooms, and common spaces, will be cleaned and disinfected using powerful tools and cleaning agents. This will aid in limiting the transmission of viruses and avoiding disease.

There are other actions you can take in addition to using a reputable deep cleaning service for schools to increase student safety in tumultuous times. Make sure your pupils are often and routinely cleaning their hands. Encourage them to use a tissue or their elbows to sneeze or cough. Likewise, warn kids not to touch their faces.

Additionally, you want to think about making a few short-term adjustments to your school’s procedures. For instance, you could want to have students have lunch in their classrooms rather than in the cafeteria, or you might want to stagger start times. You could also wish to block off spaces like playgrounds or gyms that are not necessary for learning.

You can assist in keeping your pupils safe during tumultuous times by taking these extra precautions.

Tips on Maintaining Cleanliness in the School Environment

To ensure maximum student safety, it is crucial to keep the school environment clean. Professional school deep cleaning services from Selva Group will maintain your building hygienic and secure for students. Here are some pointers for keeping the classroom environment tidy:

  • Regularly disinfect and sanitize classroom surfaces, including desks, tables, and doorknobs.
  • Encourage kids to wash their hands often with soap and water or, in the absence of soap and water, to use hand sanitizer.
  • Ensure that the cleaning and disinfection techniques are expertly taught to the janitorial crew.
  • Ensure that all school facilities, such as the restrooms, cafeteria, playground, and gymnasium, are cleaned on a regular basis.

You can protect your pupils from disease and harm by adhering to these cleaning suggestions for the school setting.

Types of School Premises Covered

Professional school deep cleaning services are offered by Selva Group for a variety of educational facilities, including high schools and early childhood centers. We are prepared to handle the demands of each type of school since we are aware that each has different requirements for cleanliness and safety.

Child Development Centers:

Our team members have cleaned early childhood facilities, and we are aware of how crucial it is to keep these facilities clean and secure for young children. Depending on your demands, we may provide daily or weekly cleaning services, and our staff can adjust their schedule to minimize disturbances.

High Schools:

Keeping high schools clean and secure is a special difficulty. A thorough cleaning schedule should be in place because of the huge number of students and staff present and the range of daily activities. With customized expert school deep cleaning services from Selva Group, your high school’s facilities will always be kept tidy and secure.

Boarding Schools:

Due to the extended stay of students and staff, boarding schools demand an even more thorough cleaning schedule. We can offer a service that is specifically adapted to your needs since we are aware of the special requirements of these locations. Your boarding school will be kept clean, sanitary, and secure with the help of our team of skilled cleaners.

Reception Areas:

With many people arriving and departing throughout the day, reception areas are frequently quite busy locations. Selva Group’s deep cleaning services for schools may assist in keeping these public areas tidy and welcoming so that guests and workers always feel welcome.


Since they are the center of any school, it is important to keep them as spick-and-span as you can. By eliminating dust, dirt, grime, cobwebs, and any other filth that has accumulated over time, Selva Group’s expert school deep cleaning services may assist to maintain these areas nice and orderly. To keep the pupils in your classrooms safe, our crew is skilled in working around sensitive furniture and apparatus.

Toilets and bathrooms:

When it comes to keeping a school clean, toilets and bathrooms need the greatest attention. Our staff is adept at completely cleaning these spaces, from washing towels and bedding to scrubbing toilets, sinks, showers, and floors. Additionally, we can make sure that any dangerous products are disposed of properly.

Professional deep cleaning services from Selva Group have transformed how schools run and increased student safety. We guarantee complete cleaning with every task we undertake thanks to our adaptable cleaning programmers, full reports, and quality assurance standards. Our drive to excellence is unmatched in business, as seen by our commitment to providing the safest environment imaginable. Get more details about our deep cleaning services for schools by getting in touch with us right away if you want to make sure your institution is operating as safely as possible for both students and employees.