AC Duct Deep Cleaning

AC Duct Deep Clean

Overview of Indoor Air Pollution and Its Causes

While most individuals are aware of the risks associated with outdoor air pollution, interior air pollution is frequently disregarded. Asthma and other respiratory illnesses are frequently brought on by indoor air pollution, which also has a negative impact on other aspects of health. Dust, mould, and chemical fumes are the primary causes of indoor air pollution.

Tiny dust particles are readily swallowed since they are so easily airborne. Pet hair, dust mites, pollen, and even construction debris are just a few examples of the many things that can cause dust. Mould is yet another typical indoor air pollution contributor. Mould spores may readily become airborne and go unnoticed by the naked eye, where they can then be absorbed into the lungs. Mould frequently develops in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements because it prefers moist conditions. Another significant contributor to indoor air pollution is chemical smells. Cleaning supplies, paint fumes, or even burning candles or cigarettes might produce these fumes.

Thankfully, there are techniques for lowering indoor air pollution. Simple measures to reduce dust in your house include frequent vacuuming, utilizing HEPA filters in your furnace and vacuum, keeping your home tidy and clutter-free, and switching to natural cleaning solutions from harsh chemicals. To enhance the quality of the air within your home, Selva Group also provides thorough cleaning services for your ductwork’s air conditioning system.

Checklist for Cleaning AC Ducts

An extensive system check is the first stage in the cleaning of the AC ducts. This entails looking for any indications of damage or wear and tear and identifying any places that need extra care when cleaning. Modern tools are used by our team at Selva Group to thoroughly check your air ducts and make sure we don’t miss anything.

We start the cleaning procedure after identifying any problem areas. This entails cleaning out the ductwork of junk using strong vacuums and unique instruments made to dislodge tough dust and grime. Additionally, we clean all your HVAC system’s registers, grilles, diffusers, and other parts.

Our crew does a last check once the cleaning procedure is finished to make sure everything has been cleaned thoroughly and there are no problems left. We take pleasure in offering thorough treatments that leave you with dependable fresh air quality.

It’s necessary to change your air filters often between cleanings, ideally every 1-2 months, depending on variables like dogs or allergies, in addition to the regular deep cleaning services offered by Selva Group experts. You’ll experience superior indoor air quality and general wellness by routinely following these measures!

How Do Professionals Clean Air Ducts?

The entire cleaning process is divided into three steps: a preliminary inspection, duct cleaning, and a final walk-through inspection.


The air duct professional will inspect the air duct system after arriving at your location. checking all ductwork access points, assessing the ductwork’s state (by looking inside), and selecting the cleaning technique that will be most effective for your house. The ducting will be evaluated before the cleaning begins.

Debris removal and negative pressure

The Hoover collecting unit will then be set up by the technician. It is essential to create negative air pressure in the air ducts to stop dust, dirt, and other waste from spreading throughout the home and accumulating in the Hoover collecting unit. The expert will next start churning the ductwork’s walls to get rid of impurities like dust, dirt, pollen, germs, and other nasty things that have attached to the ductwork’s walls.

The final walk-through inspection.

A second check of the air ducts is required after cleaning to make sure nothing was missing, and they were thoroughly cleaned. Now you know how air duct cleaning works.

The Advantages of Selva Group’s AC Duct Deep Cleaning Services

It could be time to think about hiring AC duct deep cleaning services if you’re worried about the quality of the air in your house. We at Selva Group are committed to giving our clients the finest support possible since we recognize the value of clean air.

Deep cleaning of the AC ducts has various advantages, including:

Removing allergens from your air, such as dust:

Asthma and allergies are only two of the respiratory issues that dust can exacerbate. You can enhance the quality of the air in your house and lower your chance of developing these health problems by cleaning the dust out of your air ducts.

Increasing the effectiveness of your air conditioner:

Your air conditioning system will have to work harder to circulate air if it is blocked with dust and dirt. Your utility rates will go higher because of this energy waste. With the assistance of Selva Group’s thorough cleaning services for your AC ducts, you may increase the effectiveness of your system and reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Getting rid of mould and mildew:

┬áIn addition to triggering allergic reactions, mould and mildew can seriously impair breathing. Asthma episodes can also be brought on by mould spores. Your family’s health and the quality of the air in your house may both be enhanced by cleaning the mould and mildew out of your air ducts.

Odour abatement:

If you’ve discovered that your house has started to smell bad, it can be coming from your air ducts. Pet dander, dust, mould, mildew, and other impurities that become trapped in your air conditioning system may all produce unpleasant odours. With our thorough cleaning services for AC ducts, Selva Group can assist in getting rid of unpleasant odours in your house and enhancing the quality of the air in general.

We at Selva Group are aware of the significance of clean air for the well-being of your family. Our staff makes use of the most up-to-date tools and methods to provide our clients with extensive deep cleaning services that get rid of all the dust, debris, and allergies that might accumulate in their air ducts.

How Often Should You Consider Cleaning Your AC Ducts?

In the sweltering summer months, your air conditioner works hard to keep your house cool and cosy. The air ducts in your home’s air conditioning system may accumulate dust, pollen, and other debris over time. This might lead to poor indoor air quality and make your AC system work harder than it needs to.

The AC ducts need to be cleaned often to maintain your AC system’s performance and to enhance interior air quality. The deep cleaning services provided by Selva Group will clear your AC ducts of any dust, filth, and debris. If you have allergies or other respiratory issues, we advise cleaning the AC ducts more regularly than every two years.

What Steps Are Taken During an AC Duct Deep Clean?

The AC duct deep cleaning services offered by Selva Group are a great choice for enhancing the quality of the air in your house or place of business. Your ducts will be fully cleaned by our team of qualified experts using the most up-to-date tools and methods, eliminating all filth, dust, and debris. To eradicate any potential germs or viruses, we carefully sanitize your ducts.

Inspecting your ductwork is the first stage in our comprehensive cleaning procedure for the AC ducts. This enables us to choose the most effective cleaning strategy and spot any places that could need extra care. After that, we cover all ducting openings to keep the trash contained while we clean it.

After that, we thoroughly hoover out all the dirt, dust, and debris from your ducts. Any areas that were discovered during the inspection process needing more care are given our undivided attention. After cleaning out your ducts completely of dirt, we sanitize them using a secure and efficient technique.

Your ducting is tested and reassembled to guarantee adequate airflow. Once we are confident that everything is operating as it should, we tidy up our workspace and provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

Different Types of AC Ducts That the Service Can Clean

There are several types of air conditioning ducts, and each one must be cleaned using a different technique. The most popular kind of air duct is the squirrel cage type, which circulates air using a series of rotating metal fins. The air circulation might be compromised when these fins are blocked with debris and dust. The pleated paper kind of AC duct is an additional style that is created by adhering paper pleats together. Additionally, the dirt and dust in these pleats can accumulate, making it challenging for the air to flow freely. The V-type AC duct is the third type, and it moves air using several metal vanes. Additionally, the dirt and grit on these vanes might accumulate, making it challenging for the air to flow effectively. The AC Duct Deep Cleaning Services offered by Selva Group can clean each of these different kinds of AC ducts.

Why Select the AC Duct Deep Cleaning Services of Selva Group?

Selecting Selva Group’s AC Duct Deep Cleaning Services is a wise decision for several reasons. When cleaning your ducts, our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists employs the most up-to-date tools and methods to enhance air quality and get rid of indoor air pollution.

Here are just a few advantages of working with Selva Group for your AC duct cleaning requirements:

Better Air Quality

The air quality in your house or place of business will be improved by our team’s removal of all the accumulated dirt, dust, and debris from your ducts.

Eliminate Allergens

Our thorough cleaning services will get rid of the allergens that are trapped in your ducts if you or anybody in your home has allergies.

Reduce Energy Costs:

Your HVAC system may need to work harder than required due to dirty ducts, which will increase your energy costs. Your ducts will be cleaned because of our thorough cleaning services, increasing the effectiveness of your HVAC system.

Increase the Life of Your HVAC System

By keeping your HVAC system clean and clear of dirt and debris, regularly scheduled deep cleaning treatments will assist to increase the life of your HVAC system.

Pay Less for Repairs

If your HVAC system requires maintenance, having it professionally checked out can help you save money on repairs since our professionals are better able to spot issues that frequently go undiscovered.

Extra Advice and Techniques for Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

If you’re looking for advice on how to lessen indoor air pollution:

  • Improving ventilation will help to lower indoor air pollution. When the weather allows, open windows and doors to let fresh air into your home. To make sure that fresh air is flowing continuously, you may also install a mechanical ventilation system.
  • Pay attention to the household goods you use. Numerous home chemicals, paints, and cleansers give out hazardous vapors that can contaminate the air. When feasible, use natural alternatives or products with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.
  • Regular pet grooming can lessen the quantity of danger and hair your dogs shed around the house.
  • One of the worst things you can do for the quality of indoor air is to smoke tobacco inside. If you smoke, only do it outside.
  • To assist in removing contaminants from the air in your house, think about investing in an indoor air purifier.

Taking the Required Precautions Before the Cleaning Process

We all know that the air within buildings is frequently more polluted than the air outside. Several factors, such as cooking, cleaning, smoking, and the usage of certain items, contribute to indoor air pollution.

While there are numerous strategies to prevent indoor air pollution, cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis is one of the best. You may do it with the aid of Selva Group’s AC Duct Deep Cleaning Services.

A few important safety precautions you must take before beginning the cleaning procedure are as follows:

  • Unplug your air conditioner from the power source and turn it off.
  • To prevent shock, tape any exposed electrical lines.
  • Put on safety gear, such as gloves, goggles, and a face mask.
  • Clear the area surrounding your air conditioner of all furniture and other items.
  • Vacuum the area surrounding your air conditioner to get rid of any dust and filth that could get blown into the air while you’re cleaning.

Costs and Added Services available from The Selva Group

The Selva Group provides many AC duct cleaning services that are intended to reduce indoor air pollution and raise the standard of the air in your house. We have extremely reasonable pricing and a wide range of extra services that you may add to your plan. The following are some of the services offered:

  • Cleaning your ducting to get rid of allergies like mould and germs.
  • Coating your ducting with an anti-microbial substance to stop the formation of germs and mould in the future.
  • Setting up a whole-home air filtration system to enhance the air quality in your residence.

Please get in touch with us right away for more details on our pricing and other services. You are welcome to get a free estimate from us for our AC duct cleaning services.

Symptoms That Professional Air Quality Monitoring Services Are Required

There are a few crucial indicators that suggest you could want expert air quality monitoring services. It’s possible that poor indoor air quality is to blame if you or a member of your household is experiencing unexplained respiratory problems. Furthermore, if you see dust, grime, or other particles piling up on surfaces more rapidly than normal, it may be an indication that your air ducts need to be cleaned because they are clogged with debris.

The best course of action, if you think your indoor air quality may be subpar, is to get in touch with a reputable air quality testing agency, such as Selva Group. Our team of professionals will assist in locating the issue’s origin and making recommendations for the most effective line of action. Additionally, we provide deep cleaning services for your AC ducts to get rid of all the dust, grime, and debris and enhance the quality of the air within your home.